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Work progresses on my first Windows app. I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the quality of Visual Studio, the C# language, and the .NET libraries... but at the same time amazed at the shittiness of Windows in general. Considering how solid the dev tools are, why does this OS suck so bad (BTW, I'm still using XP...)? Text rendering and editing on XP is light years behind OS X (even OS X 10.0).

Anyhow, on to the topic at hand... when developing a desktop GUI application with any toolkit, you immediately need at least a basic understanding of multi-threading support. Two concepts are absolutely essential right off the bat:

1. Spawning new worker threads from the main GUI thread.
2. Requesting a block of code execute back on the main GUI thread (usually after the worker thread has completed).

Spawning new threads is usually pretty easy to figure out... but the correct technique for getting back on the main GUI thread is a bit tougher to discover when you are clumsily grouping around in a new development environment.

My first GUI toolkit was Swing... Java's excellent langauge-level support for threading and its (not widely-loved) use of anonymous classes clicked with me very quickly.

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