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The Global.asax.cs file contains some routes that are provided with the MVC Web Application project. Before continuing, we must define what a route is. A route in the ASP.NET MVC Framework is the complete definition for how to handle a web request. With Web Forms, we have little control over this without resorting to url rewriting. With Web Forms, the url of the web request is tightly coupled to the page handling the request. If the page was named Foo.aspx in a folder named Samples, then the url was sure to be http://mvccontrib.org/Samples/Foo.aspx. Many teams have resorted to url rewriting to wrangle some control over the urls and how to satisfy each request. With the ASP.NET MVC Framework, routes are first class citizens in the web application. We start with defining how we want our urls structured. The project template gives us a few routes to start, shown in Listing 1.1.

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