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It may be so, but few things can irk a good developer as deeply as encountering code that's inconsistent in its coding style. Most projects, indeed, define coding standards, and the Java language itself has an officially blessed style guide. For those who dream in code, especially, poor coding style means nightmare.

Some developers may argue that automated tools make it less important for developers to focus on following any particular coding style. IDEs, for instance, allow project-wide code style settings, and can even reformat code to adhere to a particular standard. Other tools, such as CheckStyle-which today released its new 4.3 version- can flag potential style problems in an existing code base.

While IDEs and style checking tools do an overall excellent job helping developers adhere to coding standards, I find especially IDE-based auto-reformatting less than practical: When auto-reformatting entire classes, the newly-formatted source files cause the source control system to indicate lots of code changes, even though those changes were only in formatting. The newly formatted version is really the same version as the previous one, unless we consider code reformatting a form of refactoring. Otherwise, ensuring consistency in coding style forces us to forfeit consistency in versioning (having a new version number indicate a changed source file).

In practice, I think that auto-reformatting code once in a while may be fine, but can cause confusion if used more often, especially on a package and project level. As a result, the automated tools notwithstanding, developers still need to carefully follow a project's coding style.

But what if they don't? I have certainly seen code written by fairly well-known developers that wouldn't pass a strict code-style check. In other words, excellent code, but with somewhat inconsistent style. At Artima, we have already integrated CheckStyle into our build process as a task we can run at our leisure to find style inconsistencies. But a clean bill of code style health is not currently a requirement for checking in code. We are thinking of a deeper integration, and I wonder to what extent others have required style checking as a condition of allowing commits, for instance.

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